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Welcome to the USS Seattle (AOE-3) Veteran's Association Message Forum.

The message forum is an ongoing dialogue between shipmates. There are no items, topics, subtopics, etc.

Forums work when people participate - so don't be bashful! Click the "Post Response" button to add your entry to the forum.

The forum is also a good place to post messages to share rides and or rooms for the reunion. This reduces the costs and our desire is it helps more shipmates attend the reunion. So if you would like to share a ride or room expenses just post it here in the forum ad othesrs can answer.

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01/13/16 09:36 PM #30    

Raymond Pierce (1968)

USS Seattle Reunion attenders,

Washington DC, August 3 - 7  2016


Vic and I have returned from Washington DC and the reunion is on and I believe we have a really exciting and fun filled agenda or itinerary planned for our 8th reunion in DC. As most of you know about DC the biggest problem was not which venues to select but which ones we could not select due to time.

We will be staying at the Westin hotel close to the Dulles airport, signup should be open in a couple of weeks. Since most of our tours will be in the DC are we will arrange to have bus service, pick us up and drop us off each day.  Good news is almost al venues are free with just a few exceptions.

While in the DC area, Vic and I went to Arlington National Cemetery and discovered the USSSVA could request a wreath laying service during the reunion week. We completed the request and it was granted on the following Monday, there is a long story behind this we will tell at the reunion. Bottom line is, we will gather at the tomb of the unknown soldier and have the service for all USS Seattle sailors no longer with us.

David Holton is working on a Whitehouse, capital tour but the details are a little sketchy right now but we will be sending out some details a little later.  I can say this, if you want to attend the Whitehouse and capital tours, we will have to have everyone fill out a security form, a spread sheet because we have a group.  But remember, once this list is submitted and approved, it cannot be added to.

David Stein is working on another tour option, a day trip to Annapolis for a Navy Academy visit. Details of the visit will be announced once we firm things up.

As things progress we will be sending out updates and announcements.  One thing to remember, if you want to go on the DC Capital and Whitehouse tours you MUST submit you information, including SS # well before the reunion, maybe as early as February 2016 for a security background search.  Keep your eye on this space…


Bill Norris
USSSVA President

02/05/16 08:07 AM #31    


Josef Loeb (1968)

Hello Fellow Shipmates. Looking forward to the DC Reunion. The wealth laying ceremony is going to be very emotional and one that I feel not worthy enough to have the honor. Every time I think about the ceremony I get choked up and shed a tear for those who have served before us in given their lives so that we can live in our wonderful country. I big "THANK YOU" to those who have organized the past and present Seattle Reunions. You guys are the best to keep the honor and tradition alive not only for the Seattle; but, for the US Navy and and the spirit that keeps us going forward as a great "Nation Under God".

06/01/16 04:22 AM #32    


Josef Loeb (1968)

Hi Shipmates:

I have two completed forms for the Navy Yard tour. I seemed to have lost the contact information for sending the forms. Would someone please send me the info. Thank you.

Joe Loeb


06/01/16 06:29 PM #33    

James J Dolente (1968)


12/31/16 06:01 PM #34    


C. E. "Andy" Anderson (1973)

Sad that our Navy is now the smallest it has ever been since WW2.

Sad that all the learning opportunities for our sailors are gone.  We need to give the supply ships back to the navy, not a bunch of civillians.

God Bless the US Navy!

Andy Anderson, Engineer Officer 1973-1975

12/31/16 06:02 PM #35    


C. E. "Andy" Anderson (1973)

Greetings Shipmates;

Trust you had a wonderful Christmas and are preparing for the New Year!

2016 was a blast! Expecting 2017 to be even greater, Make America Great Again!

Dixie and I made several trips this past year. Many to Upton, KY to visit her mom who died June 11, 2016 at the age of 100 years, 8 months and 3 days! To God be the Glory!  Upton is near Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace, Hodgenville, KY https://www.nps.gov/abli/index.htm

We have a small (80) acres farm in Upton, KY just in case you want to purchase a retirement home.  It is an excellent site for a prepper, it has water, electricity, phone, fire hydrant and great building site. Just Google 123 Wonderland Road Upton, KY zoom in to see the barn and water tower.

We also traveled to Richmond, VA to see our daughter Karen and family. While there I watched the Army Navy game with a retired US Army Major.  I fully expected the Navy to win, since we had won 14 years in a row! Wow! Was I disappointed when the Army won! My son-in-law is a VA State Policeman, so if you speed in the Richmond area, shame on you!  Be careful, car radar detectors are illegal in VA. http://www.vsp.state.va.us/

We traveled to Navarra, FL to visit our son David and family.  David works as contractor for the US Air Force. They have beautiful beaches there, Florida’s best kept secret. The Eglin Air Force Base has a great museum of planes and weapons, I really enjoyed that. http://www.eglin.af.mil/

We attended the reunion of the USS LaSalle LPD-3 /AGF-3 in Branson, MO and had a wonderful time telling sea stories and renewing friendships.  http://www.usslasallelpd3.com/

We traveled to Charleston, SC and attended the reunion of the USS Fort Snelling LSD-30 (My first ship). The crowd is greeting smaller. http://www.ussfortsnellinglsd30.com/ We were unable to attend the USS Seattle AOE-3 reunion http://www.ussseattleaoe-3.org/ . Having served in 5 ships with 4 of them having reunions, it is not possible to attend them all.

I have had problems with my back and legs and the doctor recommended exercise, so I have a little routine here at home and try to walk in the mall each weekday and go the Rehab Access for exercise on several machines they have there.  The Elliptical is one mean machine. My goal is 45 minutes, I can do about 30 if, I really try, still trying to do more. I guess the secret will be to lose about 15 pounds!

Dixie is doing well for a young person, she has sleep apnea and several eye problems that keeps her seeing the doctors frequently, but, that hasn’t keep her from preparing wonderful meals and doing a lot of work on her China painting http://www.thechinapainter.net/  and ETSY site. https://www.etsy.com/shop/InTheHeartofDixie
Take a look, you might find something of interest, or you may want to start your own shop.  Send me an email so you can get all the benefits of signing up with Dixie mailto:dixie@hiwaay.net

We traveled to Tybee Island, GA to the China Painting School – My Job, “Driving Ms. Dixie” http://gaseminarsbythesea.net/Home_Page.html

I am busy with the Gideons International and am always looking for a prayer partner. https://www2.gideons.org/

Pray with us. https://www2.gideons.org/pray_with_us

I am praying for you and your family, that God will bless you all with good health and prosperity. Praying that our world will hold together and the economy will get better and ISIS will be defeated.

Keep your eyes on Jesus, He is in control. http://www.esvbible.org/Revelation+22/
God Bless you and your family.
Andy Anderson, 

USS Fort Snelling LSD-30 1955-1977 ICFA-IC-1 http://www.ussfortsnellinglsd30.com/
USS Northampton CC-1 1962-1966 ICC-WO1 (Electrical) http://ussnorthampton.com/
USS LaSalle LPD-3 1966-1969 WO1 – CWO-2, Ens O-1 http://www.usslasallelpd3.com/
USS Seattle AOE-3 1973-1975 LT – LCDR Engineer Officer http://www.ussseattleaoe-3.org/
USS Roanoke AOR-7 1975-1977 LCDR Engineer Officer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Roanoke_(AOR-7)





01/01/17 09:40 AM #36    


Earl Boutell (1968)

Here's hoping the former crews of the USS Seattle Have a safe and prosperous new year!  I need to thank each and every one of you once again for pitching in and coming to our rescue right after our house fire in August.  We just got our last check from insurance last week and are back to normal finally.  If you have a chance, please read my new book, "My Journey to Bob Dole", my time in the Navy including the Seattle and my tour in Vietnam as an advisor to a South Vietnamese riverboat division.

Earl Boutell, EN3, Plankowner 

05/13/17 09:29 AM #37    

Arthur Sanhudo (1971)

Hello shipmates ! 

   Read  some posts here and I recognized some of you . I served that great ship the Seattle from 1971-75 , yes all my Navy time .

Learned many things however meeting people from every corner of this great country was probably the best part. 

Sure we traveled distant countries ,stop at beautiful ports ,drank beer then more beer and interained the hookers for a small fee lol.

I reached the rank of BM2 , I had to do reserve duty aboard the miner USS Direct MS 430 ( stationed in South Amboy NJ ) to receive my second class crow ! 

miss those days ,Navy is not what it used to be ! My brother just retired on MSC after 33 years and by that virtue I visited Norfok a few times ... and it has changed a lot !  Im glad I servedin the Navy when Navy was fun ... anyway ..thats it for now ! I will keep posting more stuff   Arthur Sanhudo BM2 

05/17/17 08:51 AM #38    

Alex Smith (1972)


It was great to read your recent post!  I fondly remember serving with you aboard the "King of the Med."  Do you remember the Petty Officer Leadership School we attended together at the Little Creek Naval Base, and how we used to throw the baseball around during break times?  I recall you had a pretty good fastball!

I hope you and your family are well.  I echo your comments about serving on a good ship, with a good crew, and during a time when we felt a closer kinship with each other.  I didn't realize it as much at the time, but in looking back, those were indeed fun experiences.

Blessings to You,

C. Alex Smith

QM3 - LPO Navigation Division






05/18/17 11:57 AM #39    

David Cruse (1968)

i would like to talk to you some so if you can give me a call at 352-345-4008  or email me at kc196411@outlook .com

05/19/17 10:52 PM #40    


Vic Hellberg (1968)

I am so glad to see this communication with each other.  Please know it is even better at the reunions.  Especially at our Show and Tell events.  We all have stories to tell and one story feeds into the next.  When the memories start flowing everyone gets pumped.  A great feeling for us old guys.  San Francisco is your next opportunity to be with your USS Seattle AOE-3 family.  We have set aside more time that is not scheduled.  This lets us spend more time in the small groups that has become so popular.  Our ship's store will be open a bit more as well.  Remember that one of this reunion's highlights and the reason we are in San Francisco is our former and oldest Captain, Marland (Doc) Townsend.  He has made arrangements for us to have dinner with Friday night and listen to one of his coffee buddies, Bredette B C Thomas.  B C has more hours (1217 hrs and 18 min) in our SR 71 spy plane.  He will share his stories and visit with us.  Doc Townsend plans to be there as well.  And you must know we will have, for the first time at any reunion, THREE (that's 3) former captains.  This is a reunion not to be missed!!!

06/26/17 03:48 PM #41    

John Gambrell (1972)

I have never put anything on this page before but I have been reading different stuff on the 1974 dry dock.  The reason we were in dry dock is because we had a 12 foot hole in our Starboard forward side in the jet fuel tank below the forward gun mount.  This was due to a ramming during replenishment in the Med in approximately November 73.  Does anyone have any pictures of being in dry dock becasue it was a massive hole?  John Gambrell 72-75

08/08/17 07:31 PM #42    

Myron Carter (1969)

Posted by Myron Carter for Paul Carr per email request received on 8/8/2017

I'm yeoman Paul d Carr. I'm not using this website correctly, and am hoping you can help me. I posted a message under my profile in march of 2017. I'm trying to get BUPRS recognition for my oldest brother off the Vietnam Forrestal, and for me in providing a family Ealeys body for burial. Can you please look under my profile, and post this letter to all the veterans affiliated with this Seattle veterans association. Everything is true in what I wrote. If I was in a position to do the same for you, I would. Our mothers always taught us to do the right thing, and some of us meet that at 100%, others at 80%. I'm one of the 80 percenters. Thank you, Paul d. Carr

12/25/17 01:11 PM #43    


C. E. "Andy" Anderson (1973)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

God Bless you and your family. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Luke 2

Trust you will make an effort to attend the next reunion. Tell your shipmates about the site and encouage them to join our web.

Have a wonderful day!

Make your plans to attend the next reunion. 

04/05/19 09:25 AM #44    

Danny Abner (1969)

Happy 50th anniversary of the commissioning of the ship. I remember standing on the deck for what seemed like a very long time, but was very proud to be a part of the 1st crew of the Seattle. My mother flew from Kentucky to attend. My Dad was not present because he was afraid to fly. 




04/06/19 08:58 AM #45    


Rev. Robert E. Bogart (1968)

Hi Danny and all who, especially, who were on the Commissioning Crew.  I, too, remember April 5, 1969, and remember standing on the weather deck for what seemed like ages. It was a proud moment.  Not every sailor can say he was part of his ship's commissioning.  Memory: I was in M-Division.  There was a guy (can not remember his name) who, like many sailors, had a guitar and was accomplished at writing songs.  I still remember him writing a song about the commissioning of the Seattle.  The years have rolled on and most of the words have now escaped my recall but, at least, here's how it began: 
"In 1969, the Navy said 'that's fine', we'll build a ship, the biggest there'll ever be - the AOE-3.  A large crew she will need, half of them we will feed, the other half we will pay, it works out better that way on the AOE-3."  It was a light-hearted song but respectful and unless you were in M-Div you probably never heard it sung.  Congratulation Seattle on 50 years.  Rev. Bob Bogart, 1969



04/06/19 10:50 AM #46    


Tom Huber (1968)

I, too, remember April 5, 1969...  Working on base at the Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, cleaning up decommisioned ships while the Seattle was being built, sorting the crew's mail with Jim Pease, living off base with my three good buddies, (Bruce Maze, Wayne King, and Jim Brantley), cruising the streets of Bremerton in my '58 Chevy Impala, etc....ah, good memories of long ago. Life has been good to me, still plan to come to a reunion, had plans (plane tickets, hotel reservations) for Seattle reunion, but canceled all when my mother in law had a serious accident. Maybe next year (?)

Enjoy the website and the good job done by all involved, and enjoy the FB posts also. God bless you all!

PC2 Tom Huber

USN 1967-71

04/07/19 08:42 AM #47    


Rev. Robert E. Bogart (1968)

Yes, good memories of another time - actually, another world.  If I remember correctly we saw the USS Missouri coming in for decommission (again) from her Vietnam tour.  I also remember the decommission yard and being assigned to watch the ships and punching a time-clock at the end of each pier.  Believe me, those were some spooky strolls down to the end in the dead of night.  I recall riding the big gray Navy bus back and forth from the barracks before our on-board birthing space was ready

11/04/19 03:13 PM #48    


C. E. "Andy" Anderson (1973)

Hi, I'm Andy Anderson, Engineer Officer 1973-1975

I'm writing a short military history of my service in the US Navy and have forgotton some important details about service in USS Seattle AOE-3. I served as Engineer Officer, but can't remember the name of the Liquid Cargo Officer and the Main Proplusion Officer who served after the Warrent officer in 75'.
If any of you have details of the Engineering Crew 73-75 please advise. Forgive me for getting so young. I'll be 83 November 23.

Thanks, God Bless

11/06/19 05:38 AM #49    

Garry Gerlach (1971)


Lonnie Oliver was the Fuels Officer when I was DCA.  Stan French was the Chief Engineer.  Bill Baxter was Electrical Officer.  Sorry but that;s all I remember.

Garry Gerlach

11/07/19 06:55 AM #50    

Patrick Roth (1973)

Hi Shipmates:  What about Lt. Carbary.  He was in the Engineering Department.

06/18/20 01:47 PM #51    

Tim Cochenour (1986)



Cruise Book

can anyone tell me how to get ahold of a cruise book from between 1986 and 1989.

thank you 




06/18/20 06:08 PM #52    


Steven E. Oliver (1972)

Hello  Tim : i don't know how much this will help,but ebay has a few on sale,just have to watch for your year,you can also go through Classmates ,it may have ways of buying copies to,i do know i was able to buy my old classmate book thru them,,plus they do do military to ,hope this helps,there was some on here in memorials or one of the list, i do believe,you maybe able to get a copy here from one of our leaders on this sight,good luck

08/24/21 02:58 PM #53    

Timothy Connelly (1971)

My son John is currently in the Navy, stationed in Bangor, Washington as a IDC Corpsman HM1 Diver,   It was a states trip for us. I met my son in Minneapolis-St Paul, MN where he was visiting a Navy buddy of his. We drove to Rapid City SD. Visited Mt. Rushmore. His wife and my grand daughter had a flight scheduled out of Rapid City back to Seattle. We the drove to North Dakota and back to Rapid City for the night. The next day we passed through Wyoming into Montana to Little Big Horn Battlefield, It was 106 degrees that day. I do recommend seeing the Battlefield though. 

We then headed to Helena, MT My where son and I met up with Al Pillman, his wife Peggy, her sister and her husband on the evening of Aug 17, 2021.  It's been nearly 45 years since Al and I last got together.  We all enjoyed a  great dinner and a good time reliving our time on the Seattle. The next day we headed west through Idaho into Washington. On Friday we stopped in Bremerton to see the Seattle Museum. Unfortunately there was nothing set up for the Seattle.  On Saturday we traveled down to Portland, Oregon. I returned home on Monday. 

My wife and I don't see our son and his family but once or twice every two years. So this was a once in a life time event for us. It was something neither of us will forget, I find it amazing how the Seattle still plays a major role in my life.  I now need only Alaska and Arkansas and I will have been to all 50 states. 

10/17/21 02:47 PM #54    


Phil Cunningham (1968)

Does anyone remember the hull number of the PT boat we brought from the west coast through the Panama Canal and dropped off in New Orleans? I had someone ask me that question recently.

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