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USS Seattle – The Ship


     The USS Seattle Veteran's Association would not be around today if it were not for the USS Seattle AOE-3, the ship itself.  The USS Seattle was commissioned April 5, 1969 and decommissioned almost 36 years later on March 15, 2005.  During this time she saw 24 Commanding Officers as well as thousands of crew members cross her quarterdeck.  Seattle cruised on 20 different deployments to the Mediterranian Sea including the Indian Ocean and the  Persian Gulf.  On many occassions she could be found somewhere in the Caribean Sea or even on a trip to the North Sea.  During these cruises the crew got to enjoy liberty in many exotic ports around the world from Portugal to Singapore.  This hard working ship also known as "King of the Med" was awarded numerous medals and commendations for services performed at various times during her deployments.

     The following pages will give you an insight into some of the events listed above.  For a more detailed discription of the life of the USS Seattle you will have to go to the Ship's Store and purchase a copy of "Memories of USS Seattle AOE-3"