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Instructions for First Time Visitors**
(**Please read through this information, even if you feel you already know how to set up a profile.  You'll find important information here about site features as well)

On this page you will find the following: 
  1. The purpose of this website
  2. Privacy Notice
  3. Setting up your profile
  4. Missing Shipmates
  5. Communicating with Shipmates 
  6. Adding pictures 
  7. Managing Music
  8. Names of Site Pages


This site was created to connect 1968 – 2005 USS Seattle (AOE-3) Sailors and re-connect with our Navy friends (even those who will not be attending the reunions).  Our next goal is to make this site a scrapbook of memories for all Seattle Sailors and their families. Our site is ad free and private. 

Everything you need to know about setting up a profile to gain access to the rest of our page is on this page. If you have questions, please contact

This website is maintained by donations from the USS SEATTLE (AOE-3) VETERANS ASSOCIATION. Former USS Seattle sailors will never be asked to pay to set up a profile or to have access to this site.  

Donations are still being accepted.  To learn more, click here: "Donations"


All contact information (address, phone number, e-mail address) that you enter into this website will be kept confidential.   The owners of
ClassCreator.com are located in Ann Arbor.  As a small, locally owned business, they understand the importance of your privacy.  Your personal information will never be sold to other sites. It will not be shared or distributed. 

Due to security concerns,
all shipmates must now be verified before receiving access to our page.  We will look for an address, phone numbers, or any other personal information on your profile that should prove you are you.  If you prefer not to answer these questions, a simple security question may be emailed to you that only you, as a former USS Seattle sailor, would know the answer to.  It may take several hours before you are confirmed.  We hope that you will appreciate our concern for your privacy on our site. 

Your contact information is private; your street address, e-mail address, and phone number cannot be seen by shipmates unless you check the box on your profile that grants permission. Each Shipmate has the ability to limit the visibility of their profiles to "shipmates only" by clicking on the appropriate answer in the Profile Visibility option when they setup their profiles.  If you do not opt for privacy on this line, your profile with be fully index-able by major search engines.  

Finding my ClassCreator Profile pages by searching Google or other major search engines:
  • If you are signed on to the site, and then use a search engine to see if the privacy options above are working, it will appear they are NOT.  This is because you are signed in.  Sign out, and check again.  Your name will not appear in the search.

Personal emails may shared within this site, using the contact box at the bottom of your profile page, so you will be able to contact shipmates without sharing your email address, unless you choose to do so.

All  Email news sent from us to you via this web site:  For those of you with spam blocking or email filtering capabilities, please add postmaster@classcreator.net to your email account as a safe sender in order to receive email communication from us.

Please note that
if you do not want your name and picture on this site it may be removed by contacting MyronCarter@Gmail.com  .  This will end all communications to you from the USS Seattle (AOE-3) Veterans Association, unless you ask that special arrangements be made. 


In order to access the pages that are password protected on this site, you must setup a profile by providing a minimum of your email address, and a password.  

To set up your profile: locate the "Shipmates Profiles" link on the top left side of the homepage locate your name and click on it. Follow the prompts to create your profile.
NOTE: We have not listed all sailors that served aboard the USS Seattle at any time from 1968 – 2005 (the years of the Seattle’s service to the Navy). If your name does not appear on the list, please do not be offended as we do not have records of all that servered, simply use the contact us link on the menu or contact Ray.Pierce@att.net

Private information like your email address, home address, and phone numbers will not be visible to fellow shipmates unless you check the box that gives your permission.  We collect mailing addresses in the event that we need to contact you by snail mail or phone.   Your information will never be given to other shipmates without your permission. For more privacy information, please see item # 2 above.

We encourage you to add a current picture to your profile as well, (see how to add pictures in # 6 below).
If you find errors in your listing, please contact us and we will make corrections.  Entering names is a BIG task, and in spite of best efforts, errors have been found.

If your name is not already on the site, but you were assigned to the USS Seattle (AOE-3) at any time, contact us with basic info about when you were assigned to the USS Seattle (AOE-3), and your name will be added. 
Note: to contact us use the contact us link on the menu or contact MyronCarter@Gmail.com

Updates:  If you change your email address, snail mail address, or phone number, please update your profile so we have up to date information.  That way you'll always know what the USS Seattle (AOE-3) Veterans Association is up to! 


Choosing a password: Passwords here do not need to be the high security style recommended for some sites.  Choose something simple that you are certain you will remember.  Clicking the "Remember Me" will allow you to bypass entering the password each time you visit, but eventually the "remember me" will fail.  Please make note of your password!!

If you forget your password, and you don't remember where you wrote it down :o) the site administrator will send you a temporary password so you can log-in.  Simply click on "forgot password”.  If you have several email accounts, and you don't remember the one you used to set-up your account, email Ray.Pierce@att.net, and the information will be sent to you.  This could take several hours so please be patient.   



We have learned that some shipmates were concerned, because as they told us, "shipmates know where I am; I am NOT missing"!!  The wonderful part about this internet site is that it came pre-setup by the owners in Ann Arbor.  Your administrator just had to enter names.  The site assembles a missing list for us, based solely on the names of people who don't have profiles; so until you have a profile, the site will consider you "missing". 

Also, please note: We need your help to contact EVERY shipmate.  If you have information about any shipmate, listed or not listed, please contact
David Holton; david@davidholtonconsulting.com.


To contact a fellow shipmate, you may simply use the email option at the bottom of each Shipmate's Profile page. This feature will allow open communication between Shipmates, while protecting your personal information.  If you wish to share your email address or other personal information within a message written on our site, the site will not block you from doing so. 


Adding current pictures is not a requirement to participate on the site, but it certainly is a nice way to get to know people again.  We've had reports of shipmates who were routinely running into each other without knowing it, because...well....we've all changed a little in 40 years!  :o)

To add pictures:

  • On the homepage, locate the links on the left side under "MEMBER FUNCTIONS".
  • Click on the link: Edit/Upload Photos.
  • The Photo page will appear and you’ll see a gray box titled: Upload New photo. Click on this box
  • On the Add Photo page you will find the basic instructions for uploading your photos. There are 3 places on this page to make entries.
  •  Sort: The sort number controls the order in which photos display on your page. By default your pictures will appear in the order you entered them, so this isn’t important for your first picture. But later if you want picture #5 to appear as #1, you will have to change the sort numbers on your pictures.
  • Caption: Caption is the description you write for your picture.
  • Browse: Use this to find the picture on your computer. Clicking "browse" will open a window where you will be able to see a list of the folders on your computer. Locate the folder that holds your picture. For most classmates this will be the My Pictures folder located in the My Documents folder.
  • Select the picture you want to upload by clicking on it once, and then click Open at the bottom of the box.
  • Now you will be taken back to the Add Photo page and in the Upload Photo box you will see the path to your picture.
  • Enter the Caption for your picture in the box.
  • Click the SAVE CHANGES button.
  • To see your picture, go to your Profile page and look for your picture and caption.


Music will automatically play when you arrive on our homepage, and within the "In Memory" listings. 

To turn off the music on the homepage:  Find the player below the picture of the Seattle, at the bottom of the home page.   Click on the button with two vertical lines. To turn it back on again, click on the arrow.

Or, simply turn off the volume on your computer.

There is no way to turn off the music in the "In Memory" section. 

To switch to a new song, just click on it. 
To rearrange the songs, click on the "shuffle" button in the upper right hand corner.

If you are having trouble with music anywhere on the site, please contact


If you're ever curious about any ink on the left, just click on it!  There isn't anything on our site that will wreck your computer.  Relax!  Enjoy!  This site is as safe as the bridge to the Field House.  It may make you nervous at first, but you'll be a pro in no time!

If you do happen to forget your password, you should make a request to the site administrator to send you a temporary password so you can log-in.  Send a regular email to
MyronCarter@Gmail.com.  It is possible you will have to wait a few hours before receiving your new password. Once you are logged back onto the site, just choose a new password.