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Oil Painting of USS Seattle - Raffle Tickets

The USS SEATTLE (AOE-3) Veteran’s Association is excited and honored to have an original oil painting of the USS SEATTLE (AOE-3) by Artist/Educator Fco Javier Salcido of Chihuahua, Mexico.  The painting was commissioned and donated to the association by Jim Pease, a plank owner and life member of the association.  The framed painting measures 38 x 24.  A raffle for the painting will be held to raise money for the Association.

 Tickets for the raffle are available at the USSSVA website www.ussseattleaoe-3.org for $20.00 each.  You do not need to be a member of the Association to purchase a raffle ticket.  Simply click on the association website and click on the link and place your order.  You will pay at checkout by PayPal or credit card only. 

The drawling will be held on September 15, 2017 at 6:00 PM (Eastern) and will be broadcast live on FB Link (click here) .  All bids must be received by the Association no later than noon September 15, 2017.

Oil Painting of USS Seattle - Raffle Tickets

Select the number of Raffle Tickets at $20/Each


Raffle Tickets ------  Raffle Tickets




2nd Qtr Newsletter has been posted...

Quarter One News Letter is now available!!

USSSVA News Letters are now located on their own page. Click "USSSVA News Letters" on the left menu bar.


USSSVA membership, if you plan to attend our 9th USSSVA reunion in San Francisco this August, please take a few minutes and complete the hotel registration process. The instructions are laid out below and are quite easy to complete. I will be tracking the number of rooms booked and will try and add additional room at our rate if needed.

If you have any issues please feel free to contact me…

Booking Website:

The cut-off date for reservations guaranteed at the group rate is Wednesday, July 26th.

*Please note, once the contracted number of rooms at the group rate have been reserved, additional rooms may be available at a higher rate.

Look Who's Coming to San Francisco this year...

Ack # Guest Name Arr Dep
32JH688K JAMES BRANTLEY 6-Aug-17 14-Aug-17
32JKWSWM William Norris 7-Aug-17 14-Aug-17
32JKZ22P Raymond Pierce 9-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JLD7DD Myron Carter 9-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JLJ95G David Caldwell 9-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JPVMD5 bill vogel 8-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JPZS96 ERIKA LINDBLOM 7-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JVC64W Marland Townsend 12-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JWJXDJ Dale Eicker 9-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JWQ9LS RICHARD TOMA 9-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JX2C3G Susan Briggs 7-Aug-17 14-Aug-17
32JZVKZX Albert Kaspar 9-Aug-17 14-Aug-17
32K23TD7 CRAIG HONOUR 11-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32K25RW9 GEORGE HASTINGS 9-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JLD46M Garry Gerlach 9-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JT87RV Robert Miller 9-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JK9ZGZ DANIEL JUSTYNSKI 9-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JLCXP8 Vic Hellberg 7-Aug-17 14-Aug-17
32JLD7F4 Earl Boutell 9-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JLHVQZ philip buckler 10-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JNGZDB Roger Kane 8-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JPQZ4Q Mark Giraldi 8-Aug-17 15-Aug-17
32JQBKJN David Holton 9-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JQMPGW Charles Rudd 9-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JT5MCR Peter Leon 9-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JVC7D9 DAVID DYKAOFF 10-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32K25RND Arthur Sanhudo 9-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JVKRRW Emanuel Pestana 10-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32GTX588 USSSVA Hosp 9-Aug-17 13-Aug-17
32JKQ49N CRAIG HONOUR 8-Aug-17 10-Aug-17


Somethings to note:

Room Policies - Tax is included - Fees for extra guests: 2nd guest= 0.00 Tax Policy 12.00% Hotel Room Tax Per Night. $2.00 Tourism Fee Per Night. Cancel Policy Cancel by 3pm hotel time 48hrs prior to arrival to avoid cancellation fee. Children Policy Children aged 17 years or younger will stay free of charge in their parents room. - See more at: https://aws.passkey.com/event/16424253/owner/4566/summary#sthash.i9xR7Knt.dpuf

Bill Norris
USSSVA Reunion Coordinator
281 785-6415




USS Seattle AOE-3 Veteran’s Association is pleased to announce that the 23rd and next to last Captain has accepted the invitation to be the banquet speaker at our 9th reunion. 

Mark your calendars… August 9 – 13, 2017 and tell your friends.

Captain David C. Dykhoff will be at the San Francisco Hyatt Regency Airport.  

Captain Dykhoff served aboard 2/14/03 – 4/8/04.  

Please watch our website www.ussseattleaoe-3.org for all upcoming reunion information.




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•   Lance Briggs (1975)  7/20
•   Jesse Ortiz (1978)  7/22
•   Lawrence Rainey (1983)  7/25
•   Pete [Eric A. ] Lowry (1968)  7/26
•   Steve Cook (1978)  7/27
•   David Johnston (2001)  7/27
•   Dan Keene (1970)  7/27
•   Rick Richardson (1970)  7/27
•   James Barcus (1980)  7/29
•   Shawn S. Kutzleb (1985)  7/30
•   Dan Justynski (1989)  7/31
•   Bruce E. McGuigan 2 (1983)  8/1
•   Al R. Pillman (1971)  8/1
•   Carl Jennings (1992)  8/5
•   Robert T. Sligh (1968)  8/5
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•   Terry Wayne Capers  7/15
•   Mark W. Harbolt (1974)  7/10
•   Lee Solt (1989)  7/10
•   H. Christian Jensen III (1968)  7/7
•   Jim Pease (1969)  7/5
•   Steven Comppen (LaCapria) (1992)  6/27
•   James Kite (1996)  6/27
•   Bill Van Oosten (1968)  6/26
•   Anthony Fulk (1989)  6/23
•   Dan Justynski (1989)  6/20
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