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Reunion News Spec Edition


Bureau of Naval Affairs Makes Cash Donation Honoring 10 th
Anniversary of USS Seattle Veteran’s Association

The Bureau of Naval Affairs (a.k.a. Board and Officers of the Association) announced at the December
Board meeting that it wants to honor the members of the USS Seattle Veteran’s Association at the
10 th Anniversary reunion by compensating for several events making them either FREE or heavily
discounted. This year’s reunion will be in San Antonio, Texas and is planned by Bill Norris, Vic
Hellberg, and Jimmy Pease. Events that are subsidized are:
 Wednesday Evening: 5:00 PM join us for a light meal, refreshments and special guest
appearance in our Hospitality Room.

FREE Thursday Morning: Admission and Private catered lunch at the History of Texas Museum.
FREE Saturday Evening: Banquet Dinner is discounted by 50%.

These discounts apply to everyone attending, sailors and guests.

Reunion Planner Bill Norris said, “It is amazing to see how this association has grown over the past 10
years. From a few shipmates who got together and dreamed of creating an association to now
celebrating 10 consecutive years of reunions across the county, is truly amazing. By using association
funds to reduce the cost to attend the reunion, we hope to see many new faces”.

“It is because of the loyalty and financial support of the members paying dues and purchasing
merchandise from the Ships' Store for 10 years that we are able to provide this funding”, said Vic
Hellberg, Reunion Planner, and Ship’s Store Manager. “We hope this will make it even more
attractive to join us in San Antonio”.

“I am looking forward to welcoming everyone to my city and making this 10 th Anniversary Reunion the
best ever. We have some very special things happening during our tours that are not typically made
available to other tour groups”, said San Antonio resident and Reunion Planner Jimmy Pease.

The reunion is open to ANYONE who served aboard USS Seattle and family. We have ranks from Enlisted to
Admirals who have served in every decade and are members and have attended past Reunions. Last
year we had three past Captains of Seattle attend!

From the website simply join the association for $30.00 and complete the Reunion registration when
it is published in January. Visit us at www.ussseattleaoe-3.org. For more information, contact: Bill
Norris at bnorris5248@gmail.com or 281-354- 2468; or Vic Hellberg at plankowner4@gmail.com or 440-669- 9615.