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John Marino

Profile Updated: August 7, 2016
Residing In:
Lancaster, PA USA
Year Reported aboard USS Seattle:
Route Manager
Ashby, 1998
Abby, 2004
Military Service:
What Years did you serve aboard the Seattle?


What Division were you in while assigned aboard the Seattle?


What Rank were you on the Seattle?


Are you a Plank Owner of USS Seattle (AOE-3)


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When I got out of the my first job was for Marathon equipment where I built the power units for industrial trash compactors from the ground up. I did that for about 5 years. Had the opportunity to move to South Carolina where I had a career change. I started working for United Van Lines where I was given the opportunity to train to be a dispatcher. I worked for United Van lines for 13 years. Then one day my wife and decided it was time to go back home. So we moved back to Pennsylvania to be able to see our families much more. I was fortunate to find another dispatcher job in Lancaster, Pa for a great family owned company, Klines Services.

Ship Story:

I remember my first few days on the Seattle. My ole buddy IC3 Walden had me go to the engine room for a "BT" punch. He sent me to biggest guy down there so when I asked BT1 (I can recall his name) for this, he let me have it. He about knocked me out.

I did have my day when I was presented with ICFN Dunn. We had this young man all decked out with his life preserver, Hard hat, set of sound powered phones and of course the much needed hook needed for his tour of duty as our mail boey watch person. ICFN Dunn had no idea how we got our mail. We let him know that everyone had to take there turn stading watch for the mail booey. You know that is where they attach our mail to and we steam by this booey and he uses his hook to snag the mail. This poor kid never had a chance. We was up on the bridge and our Captain Marazek got involved telling this kid that he nneded to make sure not to miss it because his wife had made his favorite cookies and he was excpecting them in the mail. ICFN Dunn lived after this day but like my BT punch we was not so eager to volunteer without checking things out first.

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