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Raffle Tickets For Sale

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This is a Raffle for Our USA FLAG 

This unique treasure was Flown over the capital April 5, 2018  at the request of the Honorable Charles E. Grassley, United States Senator, this flag was flown for the USS Seattle Veterans Association, in honor of the anniversary of the commissioning of the USS Seattle AOE3.  Framed by Captain Craig Honour (Captain, USS Seattle 1991-1992) with a special wood, hand crafted by our Captain.  Also included, with the flag, a Framed Certificate of Authenicity.

Please read the Wood Source Story by Captain Honour, by clicking on the below link:

Click to Read>>>>>>>>The Wood Source <<<<<<<<<Click to Read

--------------------------------------------------Let the Raffle begin---------------------------------------------------


$5.00 for one ticket                                    $10.00 for four tickets                                          $25.00 for ten tickets

Raffle USA Flag w COA



----------------------------------Alamo Oil Painting Raffle--------------------------------------


Another special item to commemorate our 10th reunion! 

Jim Pease commissioned an oil painting of the Alamo in San Antonio!!!  This framed painting measures 25 X 20.  The artist is Javier Salcido of Chihuahua, Mexico.  He is a wonderful artist and good friend of Jim’s.  Jim has donated the painting to the association to be raffled. 

We are starting the painting raffle early, as we did the flag raffle, to give an opportunity to those unable to attend this year’s reunion and, also, to give you a chance to contribute to the association’s wellbeing.



Alamo Oil Painting