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Friday San Francisco Tour


5 Hour Premium San Francisco Bus Tour Itinerary

— But less than 1 hour in the shuttle! We Stop at all of these locations below:


Chinatown (Guided Walk)

This part of the tour is a 5-block guided-walk through Chinatown.

Local hotel concierges tell us this is the best part of our tour. You will walk down authentic streets, exploring many grocery shops and historic sites. Your Tour Guide will stop at various places to point out interesting facts along the way.

Have you ever seen black meat chicken? You will.


Palace of Fine Arts (Go Inside)

The only building remaining from San Francisco’s 1915 World’s Fair, it is the most popular place in the city for wedding photos! You’ll see how its beauty is reflected in the lake in front.


Grace Cathedral (Go Inside)

Some say this is simply the best part of the tour. Grace is modeled after the great Gothic cathedrals in Europe and is a site rarely seen in America. We will go inside to view the inside of the church or you may use this time to use the restroom inside the basement of the Cathedral.


Alamo Square Park (Famous Victorian Homes)

This San Francisco park is an incredibly popular place because it is home of those famous Victorian Homes known as Postcard Row.

Your Tour Guide will tell you about the history of Alamo Square Park and the many movies and TV shows made there (think Full House!).

Make your own postcard row picture on this wonderful tour stop.


Lombard Street (Guided Downhill Walk)

Special Lombard Street Walking Tour!

We are the only city tour that lets you walk down Lombard Street. You will be able to take pictures from the bottom of the street while the cars come driving down. Lombard Street has been nicknamed “the most crooked street in the world”. The street has a series of eight hairpin turns on a block between Hyde and Leavenworth. It’s actually one of the most attractive streets in San Francisco.

The famous hilly and winding street was created in the 1920’s to accommodate the steep incline.


Cable Car Barn Museum

We are the only Tour Company that visits this amazing stop at the Cable Car Barn Museum. Our shuttles are small so we are able to fit down the smaller streets to take you here. The Cable Car Barn Museum is an actual working/functional facility that currently controls all of the functionality of today’s cable cars. This museum is not just for show….it’s amazing in that you will get to see the inner-workings of the San Francisco Cable Car System.

Duration of stop: 10 – 15mins

Restrooms: Yes



Sausalito is a beautiful, Mediterranean-style town with houses on the hillsides overlooking the water. Many restaurants, cafes, clothing shops and art galleries line streets.



Golden Gate Bridge (Drive-over and Stop!)

We will drive over the Golden Gate Bridge on this San Francisco tour, stopping for pictures and allowing you to walk around the vista points of the city’s most treasured landmark.

During the tour we will also provide you amazing detailed historical narrative about the construction process of the bridge.

Seeing the bridge in person is one thing, but on this tour, we drive over it – which is better!

Duration of Stop: 15 minutes

Restrooms: Yes